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Happy World Water Monitoring Day!

Every year, around 150 countries come together to honor World Water🌊 Monitoring Day on September 18. Water, as we’ve been learning since a young age, is an extremely important source for keeping all living beings alive and well. You can go without food for a long period of time (about three weeks), but your body will most likely start showing signs of shutting down if you haven’t had enough water intake even for a short period (about three to four days). The human body is, after all, made of 60% to 70% of water. Water is so important that much of the space exploration budget is solely dedicated to finding water sources on other planets. A huge chunk of the earth’s ecosystem is also made of water, with countless organisms dependent on it. Yet, things like water pollution and climate change are threatening our water sources, which is why it has become more important now than ever to regularly monitor the water bodies around us. 😍😍

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