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Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!

National Tooth🦷 Fairy Day on August 22 celebrates🎉 the excitement and wonder of kids losing their teeth🦷! National Tooth🦷 Fairy Day is a reminder for kids, young and old, to relive the fun of visits from the Tooth Fairy when a newly lost tooth was exchanged for a fun surprise as they looked under their pillow in the morning! The Tooth Fairy Collection, which includes the book “A Visit From The Tooth🦷 Fairy”, helps celebrate the passage of youth with a gift set that encapsulates this childhood tradition and creates a sense of anticipation every time a child loses a tooth🦷. The Collection includes three beautiful elements to make the experience even more exciting and memorable: an enchanting story Book, a special Pouch that holds the tooth while they wait for a visit from The Tooth🦷 Fairy, and an opulent Vault used to store their teeth. The Collection is the perfect way to create an exciting experience for a child during these special times. The Tooth Fairy is committed to helping every child and as part of their mission, for every Tooth🦷 Fairy Collection purchased, up to seven toothbrushes will be donated to America’s Tooth Fairy. We love The Tooth🦷 Fairy Collection because it speaks to the wonder and innocence of childhood and reminds us to cherish the memories we make with our children as they grow.

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